Behold! I can finally show to the world the banner I made for the new Wreckless Media Radio website! It had to be altered slightly to fit in the logo and whatnot but it came out splendidly, I think. Brian called for a bunch of fans who did art for the show before (or would like to) to create banners for all the sub-pages of the website and everybody else’s banner blows mine out of the water! (Watertalkradio. Watertalkradiodotcom.)

Brian slaved for weeks on the new site so you should all go at least check it out. And hey, if you’re not a fan of WMR yet, give a few episodes a listen. It was the first podcast I listened to and by gum, it’s still my all-time favorite. I was really glad to be a part of the new website launch/300th episode celebration.

(And in case the references weren’t clear, the characters left to right are as follows:)

  • Jeffrey the Valcon
  • Bathery Jones
  • Bryan Corpolongo
  • Brian Berris
  • Evil Greg
  • Psychox and Crabbi
  • Darcy Freeman, the Bratty Brat who got thrown off a bridge, is directly under them
  • The Moleman and Olivia Doll
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